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How to Create Sensor-Based Thermostat Scenes on the Z-Box Hub

## You can use a sensor placed anywhere in your home to trigger / control some or even all of your thermostats. Check out the examples below to see how to use a sensor to trigger your thermostat as well as add conditions and multiple triggers to create your ideal environment. _**How to Create a Sensor-Triggered Therm…

How To Manage the Climate Panel And Thermostat Schedules On Your Z-Box Hub

## Temperature schedules allow for automatic control of heating and cooling for each area of the house. This is a great way to save energy, bring the utility bill down, and increase the air quality in the spaces we spend most of our time in. Before you can create a schedule for your thermostat on the Z-Box Hub, you w…

How To Change Climate Zone Modes In The Z-Box Mobile App

## You can create Climate Zones, thermostat schedules, and scenes to better manage temperature and air quality in the WEB UI of your Z-Box Hub ([click here][1] to learn more). But the mobile app allows you to quickly change the temperature on demand and turn the thermostat off if needed. Here is how to access and cha…

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