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How To Change Climate Zone Modes In The Z-Box Mobile App
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You can create Climate Zones, thermostat schedules, and scenes to better manage temperature and air quality in the WEB UI of your Z-Box Hub (click here to learn more). But the mobile app allows you to quickly change the temperature on demand and turn the thermostat off if needed.

Here is how to access and change the mode of your Climate Zones in the Z-Box app:


1. Open the Z-Box mobile app and scroll down to the Heating section in the default Favorites section. The screen will display all zones as well as the individual thermostat devices. Click on the zone you want to edit.




2. Change the mode to Manual or Vacation. Click on the temperature value to change the setpoint. For the Manual mode (screenshot on the left), set the time duration you would like the new temporary setpoint to be in effect or click Hold to keep it until you manually go back to the schedule. For Vacation mode (screenshot on the right), set the number of days you want the new setpoint to be in effect for. Click Save.




3. To return to the Schedule mode before the set time expires for either Vacation or Manual mode, simply click on the zone tile and click the Back to Schedule button.




Questions about managing your thermostats and zones in the Z-Box Hub app? Reach out to our tech support team and we'll be happy to assist you.

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