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Z-Box Hub: First Set-Up
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You can set up your Z-Box Hub using an Internet browser or the mobile app on your smart phone or tablet. In all cases, the device will need to be connected to your local Wi-Fi network.


We recommend performing the first the first configuration of your hub on your computer since the WEB UI (computer browser view) serves as the primary programming interface of your system. It's where you can add, remove, organize, and edit devices, as well as where you create all of your automations. Learn more about the Z-Box Hub ecosystem here.


Here's what you'll need to set up your hub:

  • Physical access to your Z-Box hub to access the serial number and other important information on the back label
  • Working Internet router with a local Wi-Fi network set-up
  • Computer or a smartphone connected to your local W-Fi network
  • Password to your Wi-Fi network
  • Optional: Z-Box Ethernet Adapter (not included) to set up a LAN connection in place of Wi-Fi

There are 3 different options to set up your hub, please click on each to learn more:

  1. From your computer using the local Wi-Fi network (recommended)
  2. From your smartphone using the local Wi-Fi network
  3. From your computer using an Ethernet connection (NOTE: Z-Box Ethernet Adapter is required for this installation, sold separately)


  •  NOTE: If you already set up and registered your hub from the WEB UI (computer browser):
    • When you first open the app, simply click the SIGN IN button.
    • Click on SIGN IN OFFLINE under the blue button.
    • Use the same credentials as you created during the first set-up in the web browser to sign in.
    • Use the Sign In blue button for remote access only. 
    • Do NOT choose ADD HUB if you've already configured your hub in the WEB UI. 

Having trouble setting up your hub? Get in touch with our support, we're here to help!

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