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Z-Box Hub Tour: Enter the Ecosystem
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Welcome to the Z-Box Hub, the first Z-Wave focused smart home solution. This is a quick overview of the WEB UI and the mobile app to showcase the highlights and help you navigating the platform once you set up your Z-Box Hub. We hope you enjoy building your smart home with the Z-Box!


The Z-Box Hub is designed as the headquarters for your Z-Wave devices with a clean yet powerful WEB interface and a companion app to help you monitor and control your devices with a click. That means that once your hub is set up and connected to your local network, you will be able to add, remove, edit, and update Z-Wave devices from the Z-Box web interface. This is where you'll also be able to organize them, create alarm zones, and build simple or complex automations using the Scene block building tool.

You can also download the free Z-Box Hub app for Android or iOS to enjoy easy access to your smart home, wherever you are once remote access is enabled. The app is designed as a companion to your system and cannot be used for programming or advanced settings of the platform.

Finally, you can use your Z-Box Hub as a bridge to other platforms and technologies, using the Quick Apps tool and the local API documentation available straight from the Z-Box Hub interface. These features allow you to take the Z-Box Hub beyond Z-Wave and integrate your favorite connected devices with the Z-Box network. We try to keep this part of the platform as open as possible and anyone is welcome to contribute!





The WEB UI is the online interface of the Z-Box Hub where you can easily access and edit all of the parts of your smart home. It consists of 6 main elements:

  1. DASHBOARD where you see your smart home at a glance, organized according to sections, rooms, and categories
  2. HISTORY where you can track the network's activity, filter, and search for specific device or system events
  3. SCENES where you can easily access all of your existing automations, displayed by section, room, and category
  4. CLIMATE where you see your thermostat schedules, temperature readings information, and different modes to help you stay comfortable day or night
  5. ALARM where you can view your security zones, arm or disarm your alarm system, and watch for any security alerts
  6. ENERGY where you can track the energy consumption and production through connected power monitors and energy systems, as well as calculate the cost and environmental impact of your power use


The WEB UI also offers access to the programming and diagnostic tools for your platform through the following features:

  1. SETTINGS where you can manage devices, rooms, scenes, and profiles, as well as customize your platform settings, user access, and enter network diagnostics if needed
  2. CONSOLE where you can live track what's happening in the network when adding new devices, testing automations, or troubleshooting issues
  3. SWAGGER which takes you to the local API documentation for your Z-Box Hub
  4. SUPPORT which links to the Z-Box Hub Support platform in case you have a question or come across any issues you'd like to report







Use your Z-Box Hub to keep your smart home at your fingertips with easy access to the most vital elements of your connected home. There are 4 main screens in the app to help you get the best experience:

  • FAVORITES where you'll find the most frequently used devices and scenes and a quick summary of your home including the current weather information, power usage, and any active alarms
  • HOME where you'll find all of your devices and rooms organized by category, similar to the online dashboard
  • SCENES where you'll find all of the automations you programmed in the WEB UI with the option to run or disable any scene with a click
  • MORE where you'll find easy access to the Alarm, Temperature, and Energy categories, the tool to add a Z-Wave Device to your hub, and the Settings for your app


We're adding more documentation about the platform as quickly as possible so if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve and expand these tutorials, please get in touch!

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