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How To Program Scene Controllers And Remote Controls From the Device Menu On the Z-Box Hub
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The Z-Box Hub provides multiple ways to create a scene. You can follow the standard block scene creation flow, or you can even program the scene straight from the remote control device menu for a simplified and faster approach. Check out the easy step-by-step guide below!

You'll need to ensure that you're logged in to the WEB UI with a local connection (same Wi-Fi network as your Z-Box Hub)


To Create the Central Scene from the Device Menu:


1. If not on the Home Menu already, from the sidebar navigation menu of the Z-Box web interface, click on the house icon



2. Hover over the device icon for which you want to create a scene, then click on the setting gear icon.



3. Click on the Advanced tab.



4. From the Button configuration menu, you can configure actions on the device button by creating dedicated scenes according to your needs.



5. For the below example, we will use the ZEN34 Remote Switch, for which you can create up to 14 different actions.



6. To add an action click on Add Action next to the trigger of your choice.



7. You will be redirected to the New Block Scene general scene settings menu. Provide all required information and click Save to proceed.



8. The trigger will be set as per your selection. If required you can change the button and trigger selection.



9. To assign an action, drag one of the tiles to the ‘Do the following’ section.


10. Once you are done specifying the action, click Save.



11. To review the scene or to add additional actions, navigate back to the Device Advance Settings section. To edit or edit any of the actions, navigate to Settings/Scenes and select the action/scene that you want to edit.



Sample Scenes


Scene 1: Central scene controlling thermostat: 


Trigger Type:  Single Device
Trigger(s): When you press Button 1 of the Remote Controller once
Action(s): Thermostat mode will change to heat
The scene will run: Every time Button 1 will be pressed once




Scene 2: Central scene  controlling a group of  devices


Trigger Type:  Single Device
Trigger(s): When you hold down Button 2 of the Remote Controller 
Action(s): All Door locks will close.
The scene will run: Every time Button 2 is held down.



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