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How To Program Z-Wave Remotes And Button Devices on Your Z-Box Hub
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Programming and managing button devices that use the central scene command class can be a hassle on other systems. The Z-Box Hub makes that functionality very accessible. You can assign actions to the buttons on a smart remote or a smart switch that supports multi-tap triggers either straight from the device or using the scene block builder in the WEB UI. Make sure that the device you're trying to program, supports the central scene commands and has that function enabled in the advanced settings before proceeding.

The below step-by-step guide describes how to program central scene button functionality using block scenes. It allows you to add more conditions and achieve complex scenarios involving remote control. If you're looking for a simpler way to assign actions to the buttons on your Z-Wave remote, you can do so from the device menu. Just follow the steps in this tutorial to program the buttons on your device or paddles on your smart switch straight from the device menu in the WEB UI.




1. From the sidebar navigation menu of the Z-Box web interface, go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon.



2. Click on Scenes.



3. Click on Add Scene.



4. Select Block Scene.



5. Fill in the scene information and click Save.




6. Note: In order to create a scene based on a button capability, you need a button / remote control device type (such as the ZEN34 Remote Switch or ZEN32 Scene Controller) added to your system.  To create your scene, select Device from the trigger/action menu and drag and drop the Single device block to the Triggers and Conditions section of the scene-building area.



7. Select the room and the button device you want to use in the scene, then select the Central Scene ID option.



8. Once you select the Central Scene ID option, you will be asked to select the button (if dealing with a multi-button remote) and its trigger behavior (single tap, held, released, double tap, etc).


The Z-Box Hub uses the basic logical designations to help you build advanced automations and rules. Here is what they mean:





9. After providing the trigger and conditions, you will need to specify the action(s) for the button in the scene. Drag and drop an appropriate block, such as Device or Notification to the Action section. Select the behavior of the device and save the scene.









How to trigger a thermostat with a Z-Wave button / remote:


Trigger Type:  Single Device
Trigger(s): Press Button 1 on the Remote Controller once
Action(s): Thermostat mode changes to heat
The scene will run: Anytime Button 1 is pressed once


How to trigger a group of devices with a Z-Wave button / remote:


Trigger Type:  Single Device
Trigger(s): Hold Button 2 on the Remote Controller
Action(s): All Door locks close
The scene will run: Anytime Button 2 is held down



If you have any questions about programming central scene devices on the Z-Box Hub, please reach out to our support, we'll be happy to help!

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