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How To Set Up Notifications In Your Z-Box Hub
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Monitor your smart home in the most effective way by setting up appropriate push and email notifications. It's a great way to discreetly check in on your aging parent or prevent water damage with timely intervention on an emergency leak. You can even set up a notification for situations when a device is no longer connected to keep tabs on your network's reliability and quickly identify local power outages.

There are 5 types of notifications that can be created:

  • E-mail - send an email of any content to select users
  • Push - send a push notification of any content to select users in the mobile app
  • Notification - send a notification in the WEB UI (the envelope icon on top of the screen)
  • Critical push - only available from the individual device setting panel (not from Scenes), intended for crucial system notifications
  • Interactive push - send an interactive push of any content to the selected mobile device


You can set up notifications straight from the Device setting menu or using the Scenes block building tool for more elaborate scenarios.



To access the Notifications menu for your device, go to Settings (the gear icon) in the Z-Box WEB UI, click Devices, expand the device of your choice (click the arrow on the right), and click on the Notifications tab.


You'll see a menu of available notifications for that device listed under STATUS. If you want to receive a notification that a device is showing offline in the network, simply check the "Unavailable" status and select the interval for the notification, type (under CHANNEL), and the users to receive it. The click Save.


Note that you're not able to specify or edit the content of these notifications, they're system generated. If you'd like to create custom notifications, please use the Scene defined method described below.






First, please define your triggers and actions for the scene. Then you can proceed to add a notification to the action area. 


To add a notification click on Notification on the trigger/action menu and grab and drop any of the available blocks to the Action section.





Email Notification:

Email notifications will be sent to any selected user each time the scene runs.


Push Notification:

Push notifications can be sent to all specific devices or to particular users every time the scene runs.


You can select either specific users or devices you want to send push notifications to. When selecting devices, you can see an indication of which user is associated with a given device.




Interactive Push Notification:

Interactive push notification allows you to create an interactive notification and send it to selected mobile devices. Interactive notification will prompt the user to take further action.



Follow the steps below to create your first interactive push notification:


1. Once you drop the Interactive push notification block to the action area, you have to provide all the necessary information starting with devices that should receive the notification. You must select at least one device.



2. Next, you will have to specify Title and Message for your scene. Remember this is an interactive notification so the message should imply further steps can be taken.



3. Once you specify the message, select one of the action button types: Yes/No or Run/Cancel.



4. Next, you will have to select the action type. You can pick either Scene or Device.




5. Fill in all required scene or device information and click Save. For more help, see below examples of interactive scenes.



Examples  of Interactive Notification Scenes:

Scene 1: Device-triggered interactive push notification scene.

Trigger Type: Single Device and Time

Trigger(s): When Dining Room light is turned between 5:00AM and 8:00AM

Action(s): Send the push notification to the user asking if they want the Kitchen light to turn on as well.

The scene will run: Every time someone turns on the dinning room light and it is between 5:00AM and 8 AM.





Scene 2: Device-triggered interactive push notification scene.


Trigger Type: Single Device

Trigger(s): When Living Room light level  changes below 20%

Action(s): Turn off all lights and ask me if I want to run TV on Scene.

The scene will run: Every time someone turns on the living room light





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